How to Migrate an Oracle database to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL using Datastream

Biswanath Giri
2 min readMay 17, 2023

➡️Create a Datastream stream.

Go to the Datastream page in the Google Cloud console. Click Create stream.

In the Stream name field, enter a name for your stream.

In the Source section, select Oracle as the source database.

In the Destination section, select Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL as the destination database.

In the Connection profile section, select the connection profile that you created for your Oracle database.

In the Target instance section, select the Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance that you created.

In the Migration method section, select Log shipping.

Click Create.

✅Creating a Datastream stream

When creating a Datastream stream, you need to provide the following information:

  • Stream name: A name for your stream.
  • Source: The type of database that you are migrating from.
  • Destination: The type of database that you are migrating to.
  • Connection profile: The connection profile for the source database.
  • Target instance: The Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance that you created.
  • Migration method: The method that you want to use to migrate your data.

✅Starting the migration

Once you have created a Datastream stream, you can start the migration by clicking Start migration. The migration will start immediately.

✅Monitoring the migration

You can monitor the progress of the migration in the Status section of the Datastream stream page. The status will be displayed as In progress until the migration is complete.

✅Testing your applications

Once the migration is complete, you need to test your applications to make sure that they are working properly. You can do this by connecting to your Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance and running some queries.

✅Perform post-migration tasks:

  • Once the migration is complete, validate the data in the target Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instance.
  • Update any application connections or configurations that point to the Oracle database to use the new PostgreSQL instance.
  • Conduct thorough testing of your applications to ensure they function properly with the migrated data.

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